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Filing/Payment Options

  • FREE File --- online filing providers offering FREE electronic filing of both the federal and South Carolina returns to QUALIFIED South Carolina taxpayers.
    • South Carolina Fillable Forms --- New in 2013, South Carolina offered an additional Free File option called South Carolina Fillable Forms.  South Carolina Fillable Forms is FREE, but only supports the most simple South Carolina resident ONLY filings.  Scroll to the bottom of the Free File page for complete information on what is supported and how to file by South Carolina Fillable Forms. 
  • Fed/State ELF --- filing option utilizing a registered ERO with the IRS third party software to file both the federal and South Carolina return electronically.
  • Fed/State OnLine --- taxpayers that do not qualify for free filing can utilize downloadable or web based tax preparation software from your home computer for a preparation and/or efile fee. 
  • SCnetFile for Extensions ONLY --- taxpayers can file at no cost a SC4868 Extension of Time to File return (during certain times of the year). 
  • EPay --- utilizing a browser based application to submit payments for estimated individual income tax (SC1040ES) or an individual income tax payment voucher (SC1040V) by credit card or EFW directly to the SC Department of Revenue.
  • 2D for Individual Income Tax  Returns - While not a truly "electronic" filing option, information from a 2D return is captured by a machine-readable barcode rather than being manually entered.  The 2D barcode is only visible after your return has been printed. Only the information received from the 2D barcode is processed, not any hand-written changes made to your return.  If you see an error or omission to your printed informationuse the software to make any changes to your 2D return and re-print a new 2D return that will reflect the changes in the barcode. 




Beginning with the 2012 tax return, there are three ways for ALL taxpayers to receive a South Carolina tax refund.  ALL taxpayers (paper, 2D and electronic) will have their choice of direct deposit, debit card, or paper check to receive their tax refund.  You can choose direct deposit to have the funds deposited directly into your bank account, or you can choose to have a Bank of America prepaid debit card or a paper check mailed to you. See lines 30a and 30b on the 2013 SC1040 to see how you can select your refund option. 





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South Carolina received 1.81 million EFiled returns in 2013!

South Carolina continues to see growth in the number of individual income tax returns filed electronically.  The calendar year 2013 total reached 1,815,717 returns for an increase of 2.1% over the prior year.  For the year, the South Carolina Department of Revenue received 84% of all individual income tax returns filed electronically.  Based on statistics compiled annually by the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA), South Carolina has ranked in the top 15 states each of the last 15 years in the percentage of taxpayers filing their individual income tax returns electronically. 

SC DOR has achieved a leadership role by recognizing the citizenry of South Carolina's desire for efficient and fast tax filing and/or payment.  Electronic filing offers the fastest and most accurate way of capturing taxpayer data.  It also reduces errors on returns and saves taxpayer dollars.

If taxpayers are receiving a refund, electronic filing provides the option of having refunds direct deposited into a taxpayer's bank account.  Taxpayers generally receive their refunds by direct deposit in about twelve days.  Taxpayers that opt to receive a debit card or paper check will receive them in less than three weeks.  Taxpayers with a balance due may also file and pay electronically. 

Tax payments may be made timely through May 1, 2014.  Taxpayers may submit payment by:

  • mailing a payment voucher (SC1040-V) and paper check
  • by credit card (if you file a SC 1040-V via DOR EPay)
  • by electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) (SC EFile method OR file a SC 1040-V via DOR EPay)   

Taxpayers that file by SC EFile methods have until May 1, 2014 to both file their return and pay any balance due with no penalty or interest being incurred.  THIS SPECIAL INCENTIVE DOES NOT APPLY TO FEDERAL RETURNS OR TO SOUTH CAROLINA TAXPAYERS THAT FILE PAPER RETURNS!


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