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  • EPay --- a web browser based payment application paying directly to the SC Department of Revenue 


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To assist in determining if you currently have a bill that can be paid online, the notice that you receive will indicate on it the methods that are acceptable for payment. 

Taxpayers owing delinquent taxes may enter into payment plan agreements (installment agreement) with the SC Department of Revenue.  These payment plan agreements allow the taxpayer to make payments to satisfy their outstanding tax liability.  Payment plan EFW payments allow taxpayers to have their monthly payments automatically drafted out of their respective bank accounts on a specific date.


EPay is a fast, secure web browser based payment mechanism.  You may use a credit card or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) to make your delinquent tax payment. 

There are several different forms that you can receive notifying you of an unpaid debt to the South Carolina Department of Revenue (delinquent bill).  You can receive a Notice of Assessment that indicates you have a tax liability for a specified reason and amount, you may receive a Notice of Unpaid Tax Amount, which indicates you owe additional money, or its also possible that you may receive a Final Notice Before Collection Agency, which list all state taxes that you currently owe and have been billed for already and not paid.

On these various forms, the receivable number is an eight digit number preceded by a single digit number type and followed by a single digit check digit.  The format of the number may be shown as "X-XXXXXXXX-X".  The receivable number can usually be found on the delinquent bill in the top right hand corner. 

If your credit card payment is authorized, you will receive a confirmation number.  The confirmation number for credit card payments is the actual authorization code received from the credit card processor acknowledging completion of your payment.  For an EFW transaction, you will also receive a confirmation number.  In each case, you need to write the confirmation number on your receivable and keep it for your records.   

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