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Individual Income Tax Fast Facts


Where's my income tax return?

  • Did you file a paper return?
    Our expected average processing time is 3+ weeks for your refund.

  • Our average processing time for tax year 2012 returns was 15 days.  92% of all individual income tax returns were processed within 30 days.

  • File electronically and early for faster refunds.

  • If you use one of our electronic filing options, it could take only 10 days.

    South Carolina has led the nation in the percentage of its taxpayers that file by electronic or non-paper methods.

  • Paper returns received on or before December 3, 2014 currently being processed.

  • Returns that require review or adjustments will take longer to process. (See our Processing Tips for filing a paper return.)

Processing Statistics:

As of (date):

December 11, 2014

Total returns processed:


Paper returns processed:


Electronic returns processed:


% of Total Filed Electronic:


Total refunds issued:


Average refund:


Page Last Updated: December 12, 2014


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