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2013 PT-300 Forms


PT-300 2013 I Property Tax Return Instructions
PT-2013 Form Property Tax Return
2013 PT-300 A Schedule A - Manufacturing or Mining
2013 PT-300 B Schedule B - Non-Contiguous Manufacturing
2013 PT-300 C Schedule C - Research and Development
2013 PT 300 D Schedule D - Corporate Headquarters Corporate Office Facility Distribution Facility
2013 PT-300 E Schedule E - Leased Utility
2013 PT-300 F Schedule F - Leased Transportation for Hire
2013 PT-300 S Schedule S - Fee in Lieu of Tax
2013 PT-300 T Schedule T - Non-Manufacturing Fee in Lieu of Tax
2013 PT-300 X Schedule X - Improvement Schedule
2013 PT- 300 Z

Schedule Z-Lease Schedule

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