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Fax-on-Demand Automated Form and Document Retrieval System

The South Carolina Department of Revenue maintains a Fax-on-Demand automated form and document retrieval system by which you may call in using either a fax phone or a regular touch tone phone to order single copies of forms.

The Index of Fax-On-Demand Documents (PDF) is a list of the current forms available on the system. There are plans to expand the number of forms on the system in the future.

Forms can be sent to you almost immediately if you are calling the Fax-on-Demand service from the same phone you use to receive a fax. If the forms must be faxed to a different number, they will be sent between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. when the system has the least usage. If you do not know the document retrieval number of the form you are requesting, the fax menu will be sent to you immediately.

A maximum of six (6) forms may be requested in one call. The system will make three (3) attempts to fax forms.

Faxed thermal copies are not permanent and must be duplicated before they can be accepted by the Department of Revenue. Please do not fax a return to the agency.

Telephone Number: (803) 898-5320 in Columbia, South Carolina

Toll-free within South Carolina: 1-800-768-3676

Index of Fax-On-Demand Documents (PDF)

Current Year Tax Forms in PDF




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