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Corporation Tax Returns

SC616 Application for Certification of Eligibility for South Carolina New Jobs Tax Credit
SC990-T Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Returns
SC1120 'C' Corporation Income Tax Return
SC1120S 'S' Corporation Income Tax Return
SC1120 Inst. New Information and Instructions for 'C' and 'S' Corporation Income Tax Returns
SC1120-CDP Corporations Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
SC1120-T Tentative Corporation Tax Return and Conditional Extension
SC1120S-WH Withholding Tax on Income of Nonresident Shareholders
SC1120U Public Utility Tax Return
SC1101B Bank Tax Return
SC1104 Savings and Loan Association Tax Return
CL-1 First Report of Corporations
CL-4 Annual Report of Electric Cooperative Corporation Property and Gross Receipts
SC2220   Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations


Fiduciary and Partnership Tax Returns

SC1041 Fiduciary Income Tax Return
SC1041ES Fiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax
SC1065 Partnership Return of Income


Estate Tax Returns

ET-101 Non-Resident South Carolina Preliminary Estate Tax Notice to Probate Judge
ET-903 Estate Tax Procedures for Decedents
SC706C Resident/Nonresident Estate Tax Return
SC4421 Declaration Personal Representative Commissions
SC4422 Application for SC Wavier of Objection to Transfer of Real Property
SC4768 Application for Extension of Time to File/Pay Estate Tax Return


Individual Income Tax Returns

General Inst. General Instructions Resident, Nonresident, Part-Year Resident
SC1040I SC1040 Long Form Instructions
SC1040 Individual Income Tax Return Long Form

Schedule TC

Tax Credits

SC1040TT South Carolina Tax Tables
ScheduleNR   Nonresident Schedule (Replaces SC1040NR)
Schedule W Two Wage Earner When Both Spouses Work
ScheduleNRInst Instructions for Schedule NR
SC1040-V Individual Income Tax Electronic Payment Voucher
SC1040X Amended SC Individual Income Tax Return
(use the SC1040X under "Current Year" forms )
SC1040-ES Individual Declaration of Estimated Tax with Instructions and Worksheet (File on-line via ScnetFile)
SC1310 Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer
SC2210   Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals 
SC3911 Refund Tracer
SC4852 Substitute for Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
SC4868 Request for Extension of Time to File South Carolina Tax Return (File on-line via ScnetFile)
SC8453 Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
SC4972 Tax on Lump Sum Distributions
SC84530L  Individual Income Tax Declaration for online Filing
Form W-4 State or Federal Withholding Allowance


Tax Credits

Schedule TC Tax Credit
SC SCH TC-1 Drip/Trickle Irrigation System Credit
SC SCH TC-2 Minority Business Credit
SC SCH TC-3 Water Resources Credit
SC SCH TC-4  New Jobs Credit
SC SCH TC-6 Infrastructure Credit
SC SCH TC-7 Palmetto Seed Capital Credit
SC SCH TC7A Palmetto Seed Capital Corporation Statement of Qualified Investment
SC SCH TC-8 Corporate Headquarters Credit
SC SCH TC-9 Credit for Child Care Program
SC SCH TC-10 Credit for Wages Paid to Employees Terminated due to Base Closure
SC SCH TC-11 Economic Impact Zone Property Investment Credit
SC SCH TC-12 Credit for Employers Hiring AFDC Recipients
SC SCH TC-12A Credit for Employers Hiring AFDC Recipients in a Least Developed County
SC SCH TC-13 Motion Picture Credit
SC SCH TC-13A Motion Picture Project Certification
SC SCH TC-13B Motion Picture Production Facility Certificaton


License Tax Returns

L-325 Application for Tax Refund on Special Fuels (Diesel, Kerosene) Used in Non-Highway Operations
L-511 Admissions/Theater Tax Return
L-514 Application for License to Operate Place of Amusement
L-600  Beer Wholesaler's Monthly Report   
L-600-CM  Credit Memo for Damaged Civilian Beer Destroyed by Wholesaler or 
Returned to Manufacturer 
L-601 Wine Wholesaler's Monthly Report 
L-601-A  Wine Transfer to Other Wholesalers 
L-601-CM  Credit Memo for Damaged Wine Destroyed by Wholesalers or Returned to 
L-922  Monthly Tobacco Tax Return 
L-1025 Application for Business License Tax Refund 
L-2014 Supplemental Schedule to L-600
L-2028 Report of Bottled Soft Drinks, Syrups, Powders and Bases
L-2068 Application for Admissions Tax Exemption
L-2080 State Motor Fuel Tax Bond
L-2081 Biennial Coin-Operated Device Application
L-2082 Biennial Owner-Operator License Application
L-2087 Application for Refund of Tax Paid on Motor Fuel (Diesel, Gasoline, LP) Used in Auxiliary Equipment as Authorized by Section 12-27-1510
L-2090   Affidavit of Exemption Soft Drinks License Tax
L-2131 Motor Fuel Refund Gasoline Used for Aviation Purposes
L-2133 Motor Fuel Refund Application
L-BW-602  Certificate of Clearance Beer and/or Wine
L-BW-I-4  Report of Wine Shipments into SC 
L-BW-I -1 Brewer's & Importers Monthly Report of Beer Shipments into SC 
--Affidavit for Military Sales fo Beer/ Wine for- 
--Total Sheet for Military 


Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

Please use current year forms

Property Tax Returns

PT-100 Business Personal Property Return
PT-139 Property Tax Return - Water and Sewer Companies
PT-427 Distribution Information #1
PT-429 Distribution Information #2 (County)
PT-300 Property Tax Return
PT-300I Instructions for PT-300
PT-300A Schedule A - Manufacturing or Mining
PT-300B Schedule B - Non-Contiguous Manufacturing
PT-300C Schedule C - Research and Development
PT-300D Schedule D - Corporate Headquarters Corporate Office Facility Distribution Facility
PT-300E Schedule E - Leased Utility
PT-300F Schedule F - Leased Transportation for Hire
PT-300S Schedule S - Fee in Lieu of Tax
PT-300T Schedule T - Non-Manufacturing Fee in Lieu of Tax
PT-300W Schedule W - Fee in Lieu of Property Tax Calculation Summary Form
PT-300X Schedule X - Improvement Schedule
PT-300Z Schedule Z - Lease Schedule
PT-401 Application for Exemption
PT-401I Application for Exemption Instructions
PT-417 Carline Company Annual Report
PT-418 Airline Company Annual Report
PT-420 Utility and Railroad Companies Property Tax Return
PT-433 Cable Television Company Property Tax Return
PT-441 Motor Carriers Property Tax return for Inter-State/Apportioned Trucks
PT-442   Application for Motor Carrier Property Tax
PT-443 Fee In Lieu of Property Tax Initial Report Form
PT-444 Manufactures Exemptions Extended To Unrelated Purchaser


Sales and Use Tax Returns

ST-3 Sales, Use and Local Option Sales Tax Return
ST-3/ST-389 Inst. Instructions and Essential Information  for Forms ST-3/ST-389
ST-3T Schedule A - Sales and Use Tax Returns
ST-8 Exemption Certificate
ST-8A Resale Certificate
ST-8F Agricultural Exemption Certificate
ST-10 Application for Certificate
ST-14 Claim for Refund
ST-387 Application for Sales Tax Exemption under Code Section 12-36-2120(41), "Exempt Organizations"
ST-388 Sales, Use, Accommodations and Local Option Tax Return
ST-388Inst Instructions and Essential Information for Form ST-388
ST-389 Schedule for Local Option Sales Tax
ST-390 Solid Waste Excise Tax Return
ST-393 Application for Festival Exemption
ST-10-C Application for Exemption From 1% Local Option Tax for Construction Contractors
ST-10-G Application for Exemption for Federal Government Contract
ST-396 Application for Sales Tax Exemption from Foodstuffs Sold to Certain Nonprofit Organizations
ST -394 Rental Surcharge Return 
ST -397  Solvent Surcharge Return 
ST-382 Affidavit to Limit to Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) the Maximum Sales of Musical Instruments and Office Equipment to Religious Organizations
ST-403 State Sales, Use, and Aviation Gasoline Tax Return
ST-403Inst Instructions and Essential Information for Form ST-403
ST-405   Certificate to Limit To Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) the Maximum Sales/Use Tax On Sales of Self-Propelled Light Construction Equipment
ST-407 Food Tax Schedule
ST-178   Nonresident Military Tax Exemption Certificate
UT-3/UT-3W Use Tax Payment Return/SC Use Tax Worksheet


Withholding Tax Returns

I-290 Nonresident Real Estate Withholding
I-290X Amended Nonresident Real Estate Withholding
WH-1601X S.C. Withholding Tax Payment
WH-1603 Withholding Tax Tables
WH1603F Formula for computing SC withholding tax 2000 tax year
WH-1605 Withholding Tax Return - Quarterly
WH-1605A Amended Quarterly Tax Return
WH-1606 Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld
WH-1606A Amended Fourth Quarter/Annual Reconciliation of Income
WH-1612   Transmitter Report and Summary of Magnetic Media
Form 105 Withholding Instructions for Employers
Form W-4 State or Federal Withholding Allowance


Miscellaneous Forms

C-188 Request for Publications
C-245 Application For Appeal
C-268 Certificate Of Tax Compliance Request Form
I-41 Nonresident Benificiary - Affidavit
I-231 Request for Forms
I-295 Nonresident Seller of Real Estate - Affidavit
I-309   Nonresident Shareholder or Partner Affidavit
I-312   Nonresident Taxpayer Registration Affidavit
I-319 Tuition Tax Credit
I-320 Request for Name Change
SC2848   Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative
SC4506   Request for Copy of Tax Form
SC8822   Change of Address
SC8857 Request for Innocent Spouse Relief 
SCTC-111 Business Tax Application
SCTC-111Inst Instructions and Essential Information  for Form SCTC-111
D-128 Registration Application for Electronic Funds Transfer
D-137 Registration Application EFT/EDI
RS-1 Magnetic Media Specifications
PUB3 Sales and Use Tax
Form 110 Title is Retail License Application for Artist and Craftsmen
C-278  Account closing form
C-286 Tax Amnesty Taxpayer Application for Notice of Assessment

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