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2007-2008 Tax Credits

Social Security Privacy Act
It is mandatory that you provide your social security number on this tax form. 42 U.S.C 405(c)(2)(C)(i) permits a state to use an individual's social security number as means of identification in administration of any tax. SC Regulation 117-201 mandates that any person required to make a return to the SC Department of Revenue shall provide identifying numbers, as prescribed, for securing proper identification. Your social security number is used for identification purposes.

Form Name Form Number
Tax Credits SC1040TC
Corporate Tax Credits SC1120TC
Drip/Trickle Irrigation System Credit SC SCH TC1
Minority Business Credit SC SCH TC2
Water Resources Credit SC SCH TC3
New Jobs Credit SC SCH TC4

Alternative Small Business Jobs Tax Credit (Note: TC4SA replaces TC4SM)

Small Business Job Tax Credit SC SCH TC4SB
Scenic Rivers Tax Credit SC SCH TC5
Infrastructure Credit SC SCH TC6
Corporate Headquarters Credit SC SCH TC8
Credit for Child Care Program SC SCH TC9
Base Closure/Federal Facility Employment Reduction Hiring Credit SC SCH TC10
Economic Impact Zone Property Investment Credit SC SCH TC11
Recapture Economic Impact Zone Property Investment Credit SC SCH TC11R
Credit for Employers Hiring Recipients of Family Independence Payments SC SCH TC12
Additional Credit for Employers Hiring Recipients of Family Independence Payments in a Distressed or Least Developed County SC SCH TC12A
Community Development Tax Credit SC SCH TC14
Recycling Property Tax Credit Per SC Code Section 12-6-3460 SC SCH TC17
Research Expenses Credit SC SCH TC18
Credit For A Gift Of Land For Conservation or A Qualified Conservation Contribution of Real Property After May 31, 2001 SC SCH TC19
Credit for Expenses Incurred Through Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program SC SCH TC20
Credit for a Certified Historic Structure Placed in Service after June 30, 2003 SC SCH TC21
Credit for a Certified Historic Residential Structure SC SCH TC22
Credit For Textiles Rehabilitation SC SCH TC23
Commercials Credit SC SCH TC24
Motion Picture Credits SC SCH TC25
Venture Capital Investment Credit SC SCH TC26 *
Health Insurance Credit SC SCH TC27 *
SC Quality Forum Credit SC SCH TC28 *
Retirement Contribution Credit SC SCH TC29 *
Port Cargo Volume Increase Credit SC SCH TC30 *
Retail Facilities Revitalization Credit SC SCH TC31
Premarital Preparation Course Credit SC SCH TC32
Mercury Switch Disposal Credit SC SCH TC33 *
Corporate Tax Moratorium Per Section 12-6-3367 SC SCH TC34 *
Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit SC SCH TC35 *
Industry Partnership Fund Credit SC SCH TC36
Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing SC SCH TC37 *
Solar Energy System Credit SC SCH TC38
Ethanol or Biodiesel Production Credit SC SCH TC-40
Application for Ethanol or Biodiesel Production Credit SC SCH TC40A
Renewable Fuels Tax Credits SC SCH TC-41
Application for Renewable Fuels Tax Credits SC SCH TC41A
Methane Credit SC SCH TC-42
Residential Retrofit Credit - (Regulations Pending) SC SCH TC-43
Excess Insurance Premium Credit SC SCH TC-44
Apprenticeship Credit SC SCH TC-45
Bank Tax Credit for S Corporation Shareholders SC SCH TC-46
Tuition Tax Credit I-319
Anhydrous Ammonia Additive Credit I-333
Milk Credit I-334 *

* Forms that are not in Package X CD.

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