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SCDOR's website address is changing. New and current forms have already been changed to reflect the new address. Please reproduce forms as they appear here, but be aware that the new website will not be active until December 2014. Do NOT furnish the new address to your customers until that time. Our new web address is

The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) permits the production of substitute tax  forms.  A "substitute form"  is a form other than the official form printed by SCDOR, which is commercially typeset and printed, computer produced or computer programmed.



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What's New

  • Forms may be sent in for approval after October 15, 2014 to SCDOR Forms Management. However, SCDOR will accept forms earlier than the October 15th submission start date but service level agreements will not apply to early submissions. SDs must also understand that there is a chance that forms might change and would have to be resubmitted.
  • All 2014 forms must be submitted by August 15, 2015. No 2014 forms for approval will be accepted after this date. Re-submissions of "No change" forms will not be required for forms previously approved.  



  • Developers must receive SCDOR approval in order to duplicate SCDOR forms and must submit the forms for approval prior to distribution or release in vendor software.  SCDOR may decline to process a tax return filed on an unapproved substitute form.
  • SCDOR strongly encourages the use of SCDOR forms/PDFs in vendor software.  The software developer must modify the SCDOR PDF by updating the vendor code in the top left hand corner per the instructions found in General Full Size Form Specifications.   No other modifications are needed on the form.   

Follow the guidelines below for successful form  and barcode submissions:

 1.  Become familiar with and adhere to the Form Specifications.
 2.  Access the form to be duplicated on the
SCDOR Forms page.
 3.  Duplicate the forms, to the exact specifications provided, or use SCDOR’s PDF
with the vendor code change.
 4.  If registration marks appear on a form’s instructional page(s) along with a form i
dentification number, reproduce the instructional page(s)

      along with the registration marks and the form identification number.  The instructional verbiage may be omitted, but the following statement must be



                You are required to submit this page with your return to ensure

                timely processing.  If this page is not submitted as part of the

                return, the processing of your return will be delayed.  All pages of

                the return are required to be submitted.  Penalties may apply as

                defined in Code Section 12-54-210 and 12-54-43.


 5.  Instructional pages without registration marks do not have to be reproduced.
Scannable forms submitted must include all five (5) test scenarios included with the form.  The test data will be under the same link as the form for which it is intended.

 7.  To submit barcodes for testing:

                a.   Access the Barcode Specifications        

                b.   Prepare PDFs of scannable form test data as provided for each scannable form.

 8.  For non-scannable forms, submit one blank copy of the form for approval unless otherwise noted..
 9. Email the PDF(s) of the reproduced forms, applicable barcodes and supporting documentation to Follow the

      2014 Submission Procedures for emailing the PDF(s).  Emails that do not adhere to the submission procedures will be rejected. 



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SCDOR Contacts

South Carolina Department of Revenue

 Attn:  Forms Management

300A Outlet Pointe Blvd.

Columbia, South Carolina  29210


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