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2011 News Releases


2011 News Releases

Listed below are the Department of Revenue's news releases issued since January 1, 2011. Questions or comments regarding the news releases may be directed to the DOR's Public Affairs Office. For more information, please contact:

Public Affairs Office
Samantha Cheek
Phone: (803) 898-5281
Fax: (803) 898-5446

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15 December 2011 SC Taxpayers to Receive Income Tax Refund Prepaid Debit Cards in 2012


07 November 2011 Former South Carolina Superintendent arrested for tax evasion


31 October 2011 Monck’s Corner business owner jailed
27 October 2011 Greenville Chiropractor arrested on tax charges
13 October 2011 Former tax preparer arrested on tax charges
11 October 2011 Charleston woman arrested on tax charges


30 September 2011 North Carolina woman arrested on seven tax charges
28 September 2011 Columbia man arrested on tax charge
23 September 2011 SCDOR investigators arrest North Myrtle Beach attorney
15 September 2011 Spartanburg man arrested on six counts of tax related charges
13 September 2011 State Representative arrested on tax charges
01 September 2011 Richland County man arrested on eight counts of tax related charges


26 August 2011 Sales and Use Tax Seminar for the Agriculture Industry
09 August 2011 Lexington man arrested on tax charges
04 August 2011 Rock Hill attorney arrested on tax charges


13 July 2011 South Carolina’s annual Sales Tax Holiday August 5 –7
05 July 2011 DOR Investigators arrest Mount Pleasant man


23 June 2011 Charleston man arrested on tax charges
21 June 2011 Kershaw county woman arrested on tax related charges
20 June 2011 Prepaid Wireless Consumers To Pay 911 Charge At Time of Purchase
03 June 2011 Sumter resident arrested for tax evasion
02 June 2011 Hemingway business owner arrested for operating without a license


26 May 2011 Horry County couple arrested on tax charges
23 May 2011 Belton woman arrested on tax charges
06 May 2011 Greenville business owner arrested on tax charges
06 May 2011 South Carolina Leads the Charge in Getting Businesses to File Online
04 May 2011 Sales and Use Tax seminar for the retail industry


26 April 2011 York County man arrested on tax charges
15 April 2011 Greenville woman arrested on tax charges
14 April 2011 Richland County Man Arrested on Tax Charges
04 April 2011 SCDOR and SCDEW Take Initial Steps to Forge Partnership


21 March 2011 Sales and Use Tax Seminar for non-profit organizations
01 March 2011 Liberty Man Convicted of Tax Evasion


28 February 2011 Education Capital Improvements Tax implemented in Charleston County
01 February 2011 Greer woman arrested on tax charges


21 January 2011 Greer chiropractor arrested on tax charges

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