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Aug. 18, 2003



Revenue Department granting filing

Extensions for power outage victims


            The South Carolina Department of Revenue is allowing taxpayers affected by the recent power outage in the Northeast more time to file their income tax returns and pay their taxes.

            The Department will allow the same amount of time to file as the Internal Revenue Service for taxpayers affected by last week’s blackout in the Northeast. The IRS has granted relief until Aug. 22, but is monitoring the situation and could grant additional extensions if needed. The decision by the Department of Revenue to allow more time for affected taxpayers to file South Carolina returns also applies to any additional extensions that may be granted by the IRS. The tax relief is granted to South Carolina taxpayers whose business is located in the blackout area, or whose business operations were affected by the blackout, or who use the services of tax preparers located in the blackout area.  

             Taxpayers seeking the additional time to file returns or pay their taxes should write “NORTHEAST BLACKOUT” in red ink at the top of the South Carolina tax return. Taxpayers who receive notification of a tax penalty from the

Department during the extension period should contact the Department of Revenue at the telephone number given on the notification.

            Information on the deadline extension can be found at the South Carolina Department of Revenue web site,, under “Tax Policy.”





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