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Jan. 23, 2004

Revenue Department re-opens Myrtle Beach tax office


            The South Carolina Department of Revenue has re-opened its much-needed Myrtle Beach taxpayer service center thanks to the help of the Horry County legislative delegation and the loan of a building from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

       The revenue department closed its Myrtle Beach office -- and three other regional offices -- in 2001 because of agency budget cuts. But an arrangement with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, who owns the building that will house the tax office, made it possible for the Department of Revenue to reopen the Myrtle Beach office earlier this month. DMV will allow the Department of Revenue to use the office rent-free for three years. At the end of the three years the two agencies will renegotiate the deal. The Revenue Department estimates the agreement will save taxpayers almost $50,000 in rental fees over the three year period.

             Horry County legislators had asked for the re-opening of the office and helped speed the process by eliminating any potential red tape that might have delayed plans for the new office.   

            “Georgetown and Horry counties are thriving areas of commerce fueled by our heavy influx of tourists and a local tax office is certainly warranted and needed here,” said Horry County Rep. Alan Clemmons. “It is commendable that the Department of Revenue, Department of Motor Vehicles and state legislators could work so well together to make this happen. And it is encouraging that this will happen at very little cost to taxpayers. This shows what can be done when state government entities cooperate to act in behalf of the best interests of taxpayers.”

            “The amount of tax revenue generated in Horry County, and Myrtle Beach specifically, is so essential to the financial well-being of our state that it just makes sense to have a tax office at hand for the convenience of our businesses, and for our residents,” added Horry County Rep. Thad Viers.  “Re-opening this office has been a priority for Horry County representatives and we appreciate everyone’s effort in making it happen and making it happen in such a common-sense way.”                       

            The taxpayer service center is located at 1330 Howard Parkway in South Park Village (the old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base). Horry and Georgetown county residents can visit the Myrtle Beach office for most of the tax services provided by the agency, including picking up tax forms, applying for a retail sales license or an alcoholic beverage license. To keep costs down the office will maintain a relatively small staff and is designed to handle walk-in traffic only. Taxpayers looking for information over the telephone should call the Department of Revenue contact center at (803) 898-5000, or visit the DOR web site at Many of the agency’s tax forms can be downloaded at the web site. The Myrtle Beach office will not offer tax return preparation service. Office hours are 8:30 a.m.  – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.



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