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For Immediate Release: February 3, 2006




COLUMBIA, S.C. Tax season has arrived and the South Carolina Department of Revenue encourages taxpayers to file early and file electronically to receive a refund in a shorter amount of time.


Last year, approximately 1.1 million taxpayers 53 percent of South Carolina's taxpayers filed their state return electronically, thereby receiving a refund in about two weeks.


"For many years, South Carolina has been a national leader in the area of electronic filing," said Ray N. Stevens, interim director of the South Carolina Department of Revenue.  "While we are extremely pleased to see over 50 percent of South Carolinians filing electronically, we encourage those who have not yet taken advantage of the electronic filing option to consider doing so this year."


In South Carolina, taxpayers can file their state return electronically by:

  • Using SCnetfile to file through the Department of Revenue's Web site,
  • Purchasing and using commercial tax preparation software, or
  • Having a professional tax preparer file electronically for them.

As of February 1, 2006, approximately 275,000 returns have been processed by the Department of Revenue.  Of those returns, 249,249 were processed electronically and 204,711 refunds were issued.  The average refund is $596.96.


If taxpayers are receiving a refund, all electronic filing methods provide the option of having refunds direct deposited into a taxpayer's bank account.  Taxpayers who owe taxes may opt to take advantage of Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW).  This option allows the Department to withdraw money from their bank checking or savings account at a time that is selected by the taxpayer. 


In 1991, South Carolina became the first state to offer both federal and state electronic filing.  For more than 10 years after pioneering the electronic filing option, South Carolina led the nation in the percentage of taxpayers who chose to file by computer and has remained one of the top states in that category ever since.


To learn more about filing your taxes electronically, as well as general information regarding individual income tax returns, visit



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