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For Immediate Release: December 15, 2005

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 South Carolina Business One-Stop (SCBOS) Continues to Grow its Services and Serve as a Comprehensive Tool for New Businesses in South Carolina


COLUMBIA, S.C. The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control has officially launched four online environmental permit applications for new business owners as part of the agency's participation in South Carolina Business One-Stop (SCBOS), a comprehensive resource that allows business owners to register for necessary licenses and permits in South Carolina.


Applications for well drilling, asbestos renovation and demolition, and underground storage tank installation permits now can be readily accessed from the site. Additional on-line environmental permitting functions are being planned.


"We have supported SCBOS since its May kickoff and are pleased to be an active participant with our initial on-line permit functions," said DHEC Commissioner C. Earl Hunter. "Electronic handling of applications offers a more efficient use of staff resources for all state agencies and allows us to expedite the permit application process for new businesses and their customers."


With the addition of the DHEC permitting functions, South Carolina Business One-Stop (SCBOS) continues to reduce the need for business owners to go to several different places for necessary startup registrations, licenses and permits.


"SCBOS is a shining example of the great things that can be achieved when agencies collaborate," said S.C. Secretary of State Mark Hammond.  "Now business owners can obtain DHEC permits much faster, which helps further accomplish our goal of streamlining government and making it user-friendly for the customer."


SCBOS is a collaborative Web site designed to reduce the logistical scrambling it sometimes takes for entrepreneurs to start a business and remain in compliance with state law. The state departments of Revenue, Commerce, Labor, Secretary of State's Office, Budget and Control Board and Employment Security Commission, in conjunction with DHEC and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and a number of public and private organizations, launched SCBOS for businesses to obtain various state licenses, registrations and permits.


The site currently features information on 21 business types ranging from amusement businesses to retail stores. The site also directs users to contact information for an array of professional licenses required to operate in South Carolina.


In addition to the above entities, the SCBOS collaborative includes the state Department of Insurance, the state Treasurer's Office, the Municipal Association of South Carolina, the Association of Counties, the University of South Carolina Small Business Development Center, SCANA Corp., the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and a long list of business organizations and companies.


"SCBOS has proven to be a truly progressive idea," said SCESC Executive Director Roosevelt Halley. "Not only does it reduce paperwork, cut red tape, and save time, it's also adaptable to change and improvements. Putting these DHEC permits on-line shows just how committed all of the participating agencies are in making sure SCBOS works."


In addition to enhanced startup ease for business owners, SCBOS offers businesses and government increased productivity and increased state revenues.

"The addition of the DHEC permits to SCBOS exemplifies our ongoing efforts to streamline access to government information and save time for South Carolina business owners needing to register or obtain licenses and permits," said Burnet R. Maybank III, director of the S.C. Department of Revenue.  "In the coming months, we will continue to add services to SCBOS so that we can help ensure businesses in our state are better able to access the tools and information necessary to help them grow and prosper."


About South Carolina Business One-Stop (SCBOS)

SCBOS, a collaboration of several state and federal agencies and private entities that are committed to ensuring more simplicity in opening a business, represents a sincere desire to provide an environment that helps business to grow and prosper in South Carolina.   A one-stop location for business owners, SCBOS is an award-winning website that is designed to reduce the typical amount of time and paperwork necessary to start a new business in the state.  SCBOS is truly a comprehensive resource for South Carolina businesses, allowing business owners to register and obtain permits and licensing, as well as file and pay taxes.  SCBOS also provides information and resources for entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance in opening a business in South Carolina. For more information, visit



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