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Tax Incentive 2011 Edition


South Carolina Tax Incentives for Economic Development, 2011 Edition


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Overview of State Taxation
Chapter 2 - Business Income Tax (Listed by Categories)
     Part A - General Tax Provisions and Administration of Credits
     Part B - Job or Employee Credits and Incentives
     Part C - General Business Credits
     Part D - Industry Specific Credits
     Part E - Property Rehabilitation Credits
     Part F - Land Conservation or Environmental Credits
     Part G - Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy Credits
     Part H - Investments/Contributions to Other Entities Incentives
     Part I - Appendices
Chapter 3 - Individual Income and Estate and Gift Taxes
Chapter 4 - Business Property Tax and Exemptions
Chapter 5 - Individual Property Tax
Chapter 6 - Negotiated Fees in Lieu of Property Taxes and Comparison Chart
Chapter 7 - Sales and Use Tax General Provisions
Chapter 8 - Sales and Use Tax Specific Provisions
Chapter 9 - Infracture Incentive for Tourism and Recreation Facilities
Chapter 10 - Phone and Fax Numbers 

Below is a link to the South Carolina Tax Incentive for Economic Development, 2011 Edition.


South Carolina Tax Incentives for Economic Development, 2011 Edition

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