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The strategic plan of the South Carolina Department of Revenue is our guide for both short and long-term business planning.  It defines why we exist, our Department's values, and our vision for the future. But having the vision or setting visionary goals is not enough. The vision must be shared; it comes alive only when it is shared. Each employee in this Department plays an important part in our journey to successfully reach our vision and achieve the key results outlined in this strategic plan. 





The mission of the South Carolina Department of Revenue is to administer the revenue and regulatory laws of this state in a manner deserving the highest degree of public confidence in our integrity, effectiveness and fairness. To accomplish this mission, the South Carolina Department of Revenue will:

¨       Administer revenue and regulatory laws in a fair and impartial manner;

¨       Collect the revenue due the state;

¨     Adhere to our legal and moral duties as custodians of the Taxpayer information entrusted to us;

¨       Recommend improvements to the laws administered;

¨       Ensure a professionally trained staff of employees;

¨       Continually improve the quality of services and products; and

¨       Provide guidance to foster compliance with revenue and regulatory laws.   é




We, the employees of the South Carolina Department of Revenue, will be the leaders and drivers of innovation and excellence in state government. The Department of Revenue will be the standard for efficiency, effectiveness, and service in tax and revenue administration and will continuously improve governmental services.  é




Customer Focus

Our relationships with both internal and external customers are of primary importance. We believe that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone for providing quality services.

Equal Treatment

We treat all customers in a fair and impartial manner. Our philosophy of service is that we treat others as we want to be treated.


Integrity and honesty are vital ingredients to keeping the public's trust. This guides us in all our business decisions and actions.


As individuals and as a department, we are accountable to our customers and are responsible for all of our actions.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our services through innovation and evaluation.

Informed Decision Making

We make decisions based on the analysis of reliable data. This information allows us to measure improvement.


Well-trained, knowledgeable employees are our most valuable asset. Our employees recognize the effects of their performance and deliver high quality service to our customers.


While individual effort is valued, our long-term success will be the result of the ongoing teamwork of creative, diverse individuals who are open to innovation. Teamwork and participation are hallmarks of our approach to identifying and resolving problems.

Open Communication

Open communication is essential for promoting an environment of continuous improvement. Open communication is best achieved through trust and the free exchange of ideas with internal and external customers.


We recognize individual and team achievements throughout the department. We are professional employees who understand the value of our accomplishments.  é





Four key results are identified to achieve our vision and fulfill our mission. These four broad areas are our key measures or priorities against which we'll measure our progress. And each of the key results is broken into several strategies that more specifically state actions we will take to reach each result.


1.  Maximized Compliance

¨       Provide quality customer service.

¨       Educate individuals, businesses, and tax professionals on their responsibilities under the law to include proper filing and timely payment requirements.

¨       Reduce the cost of compliance by simplifying forms and instructions.

¨       Promote voluntary compliance with focused innovative enforcement.

¨       Work cooperatively with the legislature to develop fair and simple tax laws.

¨       Use technology to develop convenient alternatives for filing and payment.

2.  Strong Stakeholder Relationships

¨       Partner with stakeholders to understand and meet their expectations.

¨       Provide stakeholders the tools, systems, and information to effectively meet their needs.

¨       Provide stakeholders the right information at the right time.

¨       Provide a variety of customer-friendly options to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

¨       Make processes streamlined, proactive, and responsive.

¨       Effectively market and promote DOR services available to stakeholders.

3.  Effective and Efficient Agency and Enterprise Services

¨       Identify, prioritize, plan, and implement flexible agency and enterprise services.

¨       Administer programs and continuously evaluate services to ensure stakeholder needs are met while adhering to rules, regulations, and statutes.

¨       Continuously evaluate, develop, and implement innovative technology to improve the quality of service delivery while minimizing cost.

¨       Evaluate, provide, and manage agency resources to include equipment, facilities, employees, programs, services, and tools.

¨       Educate stakeholders on programs, services, policies and procedures.

4.  Capable, Satisfied, and Diverse Work Team

¨       Provide forward-thinking leadership that is creative, clear, innovative and sets the example of excellence.

¨       Actively recruit, employ, and retain highly-qualified, diverse individuals who are committed to providing quality service.

¨       Provide an environment with reward systems that recognizes employees for their individual and team efforts and encourages innovation.

¨       Provide comprehensive, meaningful employee training and knowledge transfer systems that use up-to-date techniques and technology.

¨       Provide a flexible organizational culture that promotes high performance, lifelong learning, and employee satisfaction in a safe work environment.



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