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Need More Time to File ?

An extension will allow you an additional six months to file your return and should be filed on or before the original due date of the return, generally April 15th.

Are you getting a refund?
If no income tax is anticipated to be due on your return and you have been granted a federal extension of time to file a federal income tax return, the department will accept the federal extension.  In this case, you do not need to send SC a copy of the federal form by the due date.  You will need to check the box on the front of the SC1040 if you have filed an extension and attach a copy of the federal extension to your return when filed.

Do you have a balance due?

If you owe additional state income tax, you are required to file Form SC4868 and attach payment of taxes you estimate you owe. Remember, an extension only allows you additional time to file your return. Your tax must still be paid to avoid penalty and interest.  SCnetFile for Extensions allows you to file and pay your SC4868 electronically directly with the SC Department of Revenue.  You can pay your balance due by credit card or by EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal).









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