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South Carolina Bingo Licensing & Enforcement
Welcome to the South Carolina Department of Revenue's Bingo Licensing and Enforcement. Here you will find the answers to most of your questions. By using our website, you can print your application, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, file a complaint, and obtain other useful information. This is what you can access on this website:

General Information: Provides information for Promoters, Organizations, Manufacturers and Distributors.

Forms: Provides access to current year Bingo forms.

E-Services: Provides information about the electronic method available for filing quarterly reports and paying Bingo paper taxes.

FAQs: Provides answers to frequently asked questions about Bingo promotion, organization questions, manufacturing and distribution of Bingo equipment and playing cards.

Bingo Advisory Opinions: A Revenue Ruling is an advisory opinion intended to provide guidance to the public and to Department personnel. It is issued to apply principles of law to a set of facts or general category of taxpayers. A Revenue Ruling does not have the force or effect of law. It is the Department’s position until superseded or modified by a change in statute, regulation, court decision, or another Departmental advisory opinion.

Help: Provides information to frequently dialed numbers, Bingo complaint form and taxpayer service centers.

Did You Know? Reminders
  • You can file your Bingo Quarterly Reports and pay your Bingo paper taxes online. Just go to and check it out

Common Bingo Audit Violations can be found here.


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