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Sales tax filers must have zero gross proceeds of sales, rentals, use tax, and withdrawals for own use, with the return for the filing period covered.  To start the process, please dial (803) 898-5918 and follow the recorded instructions.  First time users are required to register on the system prior to filing their first return 

To register your Sales Tax License number and receive a PIN:

1. Enter your 9 digit Sales Tax License number which begins with 0" or 4".

2. Create and enter a 4 digit personal identification number (PIN).

3. Transfer to file Sales Tax return (optional).

To file your Sales Tax Return:  

1. Enter your 9 digit Sales Tax license number which begins with 0" or 4".

2. Enter the 4 digit PIN that you selected.

3. Enter the monthly or quarterly filing period covered.

4. Enter your gross proceeds of sales for the period you are filing.

5. Re-enter your PIN as the electronic signature to receive a confirmation number.

6. Record the confirmation number

7. Enter whether your business is still opened or closed.

8. You're done!

The process takes less than 5 minutes to complete.  If assistance is needed with sales tax related questions, please contact the DOR Sales Tax Help Line at (803) 896-1420.  For all TeleFile support issues, you should contact the Business Tax TeleFile Help Line at (803) 896-1715 or e-mail us at


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