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SC DOR Identity Verification Quiz


SC DOR Identity Verification Quiz

Beginning with returns filed for the 2012 Tax Year, SC DOR has implemented tighter security measures to protect you and other South Carolina taxpayers from identity fraud.  SC DOR will be requiring many taxpayers to verify their identity by taking an identity verification quiz before releasing their tax refund. 

 The goal is to protect taxpayers from fraud perpetrated by criminals filing fraudulent tax returns in a legitimate taxpayer's name.  The anticipated end-result of this new effort is that SC DOR will prevent many tax refunds from being released to identity thieves that have filed for tax refunds using stolen personal information.

After filing your 2012 tax return, you may receive a letter from SC DOR instructing you to go to our Internet web site to take an Identity Verification Quiz.  The letter will contain a Reference ID that you will use to access the quiz.  The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions to which only you should know the answers.  After successfully taking the quiz, your refund will be released.

If you have received a letter from SC DOR instructing you to take the Identity Verification Quiz from our web address @, you may access the quiz by clicking on this link:


Identity Verification Quiz


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