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Common Errors That Delay Refunds


Common Errors that Delay Refunds...and How to Avoid Them!

It is important to follow these guidelines to avoid delays in processing your return!

DO   Use an Electronic Filing option. DO   Make sure your mailing address is complete and accurate on your return.
DO   Use the proper form. Make sure that the form you use is for the correct tax year. DO   Sign your check payable to South Carolina Department of Revenue and make sure the wording matches the dollar amount.
DO   Include all Social Security numbers (SSNs) and make sure they are correct. DO   Include SC withholding on line 16 for W-2s and line 20 for 1099s.
DO   Mark your filing status. Generally, it should match the filing status marked on your federal return.    
DO   Send all 3 pages of the SC1040 plus any additional schedules and documents required. DON'T   Claim the two wage earner credit unless your filing status is married filing jointly.
DO   If you have Schedule NR, attach it to your SC1040 and make sure you mark the NR box. DON'T   Claim state withholding paid to another state.
DO   Attach SC1040TC if you are claiming a tax credit. DON'T   Send additional copies of your tax return. If you file electronically, you do not need to submit a paper copy.
DO   Sign your return! Both spouses must sign a married filing joint return. DON'T   Use SC1040 to change or correct an original return that has been filed. Complete and submit SC1040X Amended Income Tax Return.

Failure to follow these guidelines can slow down processing of your return and delay your refund! Your return may be mailed back to you if all requested information is not furnished.

Before you file your return...

  • Make sure you have received ALL of your W-2s and other tax documents.
  • You will need to have your correct Social Security number. If you cannot get a Social Security Number, you will need to apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number from the IRS.
  • Double check all Social Security numbers, your name, address and all of your math calculations.
  • Make a copy of your complete return for your records.
  • Documents and schedules (if present) should be placed in the following order:
    • Payment
    • W2s
    • 1099s with South Carolina Withholding
    • SC1040 - ALL 3 pages
    • SC1040NR - Non-Resident Schedule
    • SC1040TC – Tax Credit
    • I-319 – Tuition Tax Credit
    • I-330 – Contributions for Check-Offs
    • Any other South Carolina forms/schedules
    • Any Federal forms/schedules

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