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The Department of Revenue sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of tax seminars and workshops throughout the year. To be notified of upcoming workshops and seminars via e-mail subscribe to the Taxpayer Workshops Mailing List.

2014 Classes

Accommodations Tax

  • Basic Accommodations Tax Workshop
    This FREE 2 hour webinar, taught by our professional staff, is geared toward businesses or individuals renting/leasing accommodations (hotel, motel, condominium, vacation home, etc.). More details.

Corporate Tax

  • Basic Corporate Tax Workshop 
    The South Carolina Department of Revenue, in conjunction with the SC Secretary of State's Office (SCSOS) and the SC Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (SCLLR), will present a FREE 3 hour workshop with information that can help you better understand your business obligations.  More details.

  • Advanced Corporate Tax Workshop
    This FREE 1 1/2 hour webinar is geared toward multi state and large corporations and will cover topics such as allocation & apportionment and tax credits.  More details.

Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax Forms Workshops
    These FREE 2 hour workshops are taught at a basic level by our professional staff.   We'll cover basic filing and administrative requirements, walk you through filling out a sample Sales Tax return, and address your questions.  More details.

  • Sales and Use Tax Seminars 2014
    These fee-based seminars are taught at a more advanced level by our tax experts.  Topics include information on sales, use, and local taxes and exemptions/exclusions.  The fee for attending this class is $45/person.  More details.

Withholding Tax

  • Withholding Tax Workshops
    The South Carolina Department of Revenue in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the SC Department of Employment & Workforce (DEW) will present this FREE 2 1/2 hour workshop containing information that can help you better understand your business obligations.  More details.

Other Courses

These classes are not hosted by the SC Department of Revenue.  However, our tax experts assist in instructing them.

Tutorials Online Resources

If you have suggestions for future topics for seminars or e-learning, please call 803-898-5593.
NOTE: These tutorials have sound.  Please make sure your audio is turned on before viewing. 

The following materials have been developed by the Department of Revenue and may be helpful to you:

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